What Kind of Stock Images sells in Nepal?


The word stock photography is quite popular among the people who are into professional photography. We have seen many Nepalese photographers have their account in an international stock photography site and making good money out of it.

With the inception of Neptos, the scenario of stock photography is changing in Nepal. People are believing in us and giving their support to us. Many young and professional photographers have appreciated our effort for making this platform in Nepal. Whereas, they have shown utmost support by uploading their work in our platform.

However, there's one question that still lingers around i.e. what kind of stock images sells in Nepal?

As we dip down to our market, we have come across many types of stock photography that has a huge possibility of getting sales in Nepal. And, that's what this article is all about.

We have categorized these types of photography into different section and sub-section. Let's begin with the famous and common types of photography that have a huge market in Nepal.

Tourism/Travel/Trekking Photos

It has been a fact that Nepal is a tourism country and we are quite proud of it. We have turned this tourism sector to our income generating mediums, while we have a huge possibility to develop our nation through this sector.

Yes, our country is famous for tourism and is gifted by the Himalayas, pictures that reflect tourism, travel, and trekking definitely have huge sales market of stock images.

Besides, we have tons of Travel and Trekking companies that specially focus on the tourism industry. Since Nepal is on the verge of going digital, they obviously need stock images for their websites, Facebook Ad campaign and to share in social sites as well.

So, what kind of stock image does travel/trekking companies required?

If you think, the high-quality pictures of the mountains will get sales, then you might be wrong. There are thousands of such photos that you can get free to use for commercial purpose. Think different, mountains and scenic views are common. But the happy and cheerful moments along the journey can be different.

For instance: Look at this image. This photo is very special and dear to us, as it is the first photo that has got sales from our platform. It was clicked in the highest lake of Nepal, Tilicho by Rabin Lama and was bought by one of the aspiring travel company to promote the tourism on Manang district and Tilicho Lake.

Rabin Lama via Neptos

There's nothing fancy about this photo, however, the smiling bag and the two friends enjoying the beautiful view tells a lot about their journey. While it simply motivates others to visit this place and keep it in their bucket list. Since, we can see inspiring growth in internal tourism, this kind of pictures are liked by both client and customers. So, this kind of stock images has high chances of getting sales in the Nepali market.

Hope, you get the idea of trekking photography. Just be creative with your shot.

College/Student photos

If you see your Facebook wall, there's many post of education consultancies and colleges than your actual friend's post. No doubt, our country's literacy rate is increasing but at the same time, the number of students going abroad is also increasing.

Well, you can't stop the students going abroad for higher studies and the post of school and colleges with heavy scholarship. But you can definitely find the opportunity for young photographers who are living here and trying their best to make living out of it.

Instead of using the pictures of foreigners holding books with big smiles on their faces, we can use our own school and college students for the same purpose. If you look closely, there's a huge market in this type of stock images.

If you are still not sure about such photos, then it can be of anything like students in the library, students in the class, students playing in grounds, it could be simply anything. As mentioned above, just be creative with your shots.

Look at these smiling photos, where students are enjoying their study. This type of images will work perfectly for any kind of marketing campaign related to educational institution.

Photos of Restaurants, foods and hospitality sector

The next thing that is booming in the Nepalese market is the hospitality sector. You may see several photos in our social channels and website that reflects the hospitality sector. Whether its restaurants or the photos of hotel rooms with some nice bed sheet and lavish furniture, it all falls under the hospitality sector.

On a similar note, you may have noticed cool guys and girls having a nice time in some cozy place with beers and guitars in their hands. This kind of photos reflect refreshment and good times with your friends and families. Whereas, these type of stock images are the perfect choice for those who are in the hospitality sector. They can use these stock images for various purpose. On the same note, the stock images of food can be a good option, if you want to try something different. For instance, look at this stock image of noodles, it looks yummy and can be used for various marketing purpose.

Rabin Lama via Neptos

People/Group Photos/Celebration

We can see photos of people celebrating and having a nice time. Since we Nepali people are very fond of celebrating every festival and occasion wholeheartedly, these types of photography have the immense possibility of getting sales.

Whether it's a picture of a couple or a group of friends having an excellent time, and having fun together, it all falls under this group and can be used for several marketing campaigns.

Technology Related Photos 

We can see many Nepalese companies working in the field of technology. They are trying their best to introduce new technologies in the Nepali market. Whereas, the market is broad and every photographer should try to get deeper in this field. Whether you capture the shots of mobile, cameras or other technology product, it all can be used for various purpose.

Gears/Bike photos

Well, we have big companies like Yahama, Honda, Suzuki, etc dealing with bikes and bike related products. They have their own photography team that constantly helps them to take amazing pictures of the bikes and conduct various campaigns.

Above that, there’s still a huge market that lies behind it. If we can give the option of various images related to bikes and gears, businesses related with motors can be more active on Social Media and other channels. They might use your photos for several occasions that may include writing blogs, articles or different marketing campaign.

Festival Photos

No doubt, Nepal is very rich in its culture and tradition. We are one of the few countries that celebrate a whole lot of festivals and traditions throughout the years. Whether it’s our own Nepali culture and festival or the western cultures, we are fond of celebrating and enjoying every bit of it.

With every festival, there will be a huge wave of deals and offers in every business. From small companies to the giants, they all know the importance of these ocassions and know how to convert these festivals into their favors. Whether it’s the biggest festival of the year, Dashain or the holy festival of Lord Shiva, we can see lots of advertisements on our social channel about discounts, offers, and big deals. Not only that, we can see tons of news, blogs, and articles about these festivals.

Bibek Maharjan via Neptos

Well, this is one of the good times, where stock photography related to festivals have a huge chance of getting sales.

Wildlife Photos/Nature photography

Our country is rich in wildlife. We have doubled the numbers of Tigers in the whole world in recent years while we have numerous endangered species that are waiting for us to get rediscovered.

Bipin D. Koirala via Neptos

Besides, these are the pleasing shots that can fit for any wildlife blog and campaigns. It is quite rare to find the picture of one horn rhino for commercial purpose. These type of photo has a huge market as it also promotes the tourism sector and can be a good marketing material. Likewise, there’s nature and landscape photography that works perfectly for big companies and small companies for various marketing campaigns.

Office/Corporate Photos

Another great type of stock photos that has a huge possibility of getting sales in the Nepali market is Office or Corporate photos. We can see many creative ads and campaigns with corporate photos. Whether it’s big or small companies, the corporate shots always have a high chance of getting sales.

If you wonder what type of corporate shot would sell, then it could be shot of a group of people working on the office. Or it might be pictures where a number of people are attending meetings and seminars. While it could be anything that is very close to an office and its environment.

Sports photos

We are definitely sports lovers. If it’s Football, then we won’t hesitate to put our favorite countries flag in our home and wear their jersey to support them. Likewise, there is cricket, basketball and many other sports that we love to play and watch in a regular manner.

With the increasing number of sports fans, there has been a startup of many big and small companies solely based on sports. Whereas, there are news channesl, and TV programs that broadcast and talk about sports and your favorite clubs or teams. Since the market is booming, there’s a necessity of stock images that connects the Nepali hearts with desired sports.

Now, look at the above shot. It’s simply excellent. This kind of stock image is perfect for companies that deal with Football related products. Whether you include it on your blog or put it as your Facebook cover picture with some modification, it simply expresses the thrill of the game.

Photos with emotion

Photos that reflect emotions, feelings, and joy are other categories of stock images that have huge market in Nepal. These kind of photos can perfectly fit for any kind of marketing campaign and can be used for both big and small companies. It can be a couple of photos, family pictures or simply a photo of father/mother and son/daughter, a picture with your pets, etc.

Rabin Lama via Neptos

Fashionable photos/ Product Photos

Who doesn’t love fashion?

Well, the fashion industry is pretty vague, while there’s a huge possibility of getting sales of stock images. A picture of a cool guy with a cool shirt with cool shades on, well that definitely helps to uplift a clothing brand. Likewise, there's shoes, pants and other various fashion accessories that you can click and get creative with.

Rabin Lama via Neptos

Wedding Photography

Wedding is a part of life and everyone wants to make it memorable. We can see the blooming of creative wedding shots these days. People are spending a lot of time on their marriage and doing several photo shoots to make it perfect, memorable and more celebratory.

To be honest, Nepalese photographers are doing a really great job when it comes to wedding photography. Photographers may click all those photographs and deliver to the client, while the rights remain to the owner and photographers respectively. You may sign the model consent form from the owners and use it for stock photography. While you can be more selective with your photographs and try to sell the images that don’t have a recognizable person in the image and reflect the marriage and our Nepali culture.

For example, the picture of the wedding hall, decorations of the weddings, various ceremonies of weddings and many more.

Who would buy it? Well, the answer is anyone who is related to wedding business or has a deep interest in wedding photography.

Health & Fitness

Likewise, stock photography related health and fitness is another categories that has potential market. The images could be of a person working out in his gym and motivating people to be fit and fine. You can catch those stories in your frame, while it may work perfectly for several ad agency and big companies for various marketing purpose.

Well, that's it and we believe you have got the idea about what kind of images has chances of getting sales. So, buckle up your gear and start shooting.


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