About Us

Neptos is one of the growing leaders in stock photography and reliable supplier of high-quality digital images. That’s a nice word to describe certain platforms, but we are lot bigger than that. Neptos is the first stock photography sites based in Nepal.

The name itself holds the significant meaning, which gave birth to this whole new concept. The idea behind this spectacular concept is the symbiosis of two words, where “Nep” represents “Nepal”, a heavenly place on earth, whereas “Tos” signifies “Photos”.

Above all, Neptos is a place for creative & imaginative photographers and potential buyers.

What do we offer?

  • High-quality photos with Premium and Standard Plan
  • Copyright free or Royalty-Free stock images
  • Photos that let you explore Nepal

What’s there for Photographers?

  • National and International Exposure
  • Extensive Portfolio
  • Sell Photos nationally and internationally
  • An alternative source of Income
  • Easy payment system

We take intellectual property seriously

When it comes to intellectual property and legal actions, we are dead serious. We value the good work and appreciate the hard effort. At the same time, we are strict with intellectual property issues. We have our own professional team taking care of such issues and provide a safe place for both vendors and consumers.

Together we can stop piracy

How would you feel when you see your hard work in other’s hand, without credit and deserving royalty? It’s really sad when we can see piracy all around us and people leaving their passion just to make out their living. With Neptos, things are different. We value the hard work and, together we can stop piracy.

We know who is stealing, Amazing right?

Once you are with us, your work is protected by every possible way. We avoid piracy and we have measures to track your work. We know who is using your work without any credit, royalty and attributes.


Do you have some skills? Can you create something out of nothing?

Show us what you are good at. Mundane to outstanding & live images, choose from a wide range of categories.

  • Animals
  • Architecture & Buildings
  • Backgrounds
  • Business
  • Concepts & Ideas
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Beauty
  • Holidays & Celebrations
  • Illustrations
  • Industry
  • Nature
  • Objects
  • People & Lifestyle
  • Science & Medicine
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Vectors
  • Vintage

Easy Registration Process for Photographers

How to

  • In order to sign up, Photographers needs to fill out basic details like Name, Phone, Email, Address, Company, VAT/PAN no.
  • Once the Photographers submits all the information, photographers can login to the website and start uploading pictures.
  • Photographers will need to upload their ID for verification before redeeming their money.
  • If rejected, Admin will give the reason for rejection personally to the Photographers.

How to see Reports?

  • Apart from upload section, Photographers Dashboard will have access to report section as well.
  • All the photos uploaded by the vendor will be listed on the dashboard.
  • Likewise, Photographers can see how many people have purchased their images and total views of their photos. In addition, Photographers can also see the Total amount of money they have earned through each photo.
  • You can also see the due amount if there’s any.
  • Redeem History

Redeem Payment

  • Once the amount due is more than the redeem limit, the vendor can redeem the desired amount.
  • Billing Address will be required and saved.
  • You can redeem your amount from E-Sewa, Khalti and Bank Deposit.
  • The choice and the method needs to be saved for future use.