How Nepalese Companies can use Stock Images from Neptos?


The concept of Stock Photography in Nepal is pretty new. Most of us don't know what Stock Photography is, while many of us don't know how to use it properly.

That's not all, we are in the state where we want cool photos to uplift our brand and company products, whereas we are not ready to spend a single penny for it. However, the scenario is changing and hopefully, it will get better in coming days.

But for now, let's focus on how Nepalese companies can use photos from Neptos and make their brands more appealing & alluring.

If you are hearing the word "Neptos" for the first time, then let me explain what Neptos actually is. Neptos is the Nepalese stock photography platform where you can buy and sell images all related to Nepal. This is the platform specially built to uplift the position of Nepalese photographer in the national and international market.

Overall, this is the place for both potential buyers and aspiring photographers. So, how can Nepalese companies get benefit from Neptos?

Well, we will come to that part later with some examples and the latest trends in Nepalese markets. Before that, let's look at how we can use stock images.

Uses of Stock Images

Stock Images can be used for various purpose and for multiple times. The uses of the images are totally dependent upon the license and rights of stock images. Since Neptos is all about Royalty Free Stock Images, you can use our photos multiple times and for various occasions.

Some of the well-known uses of stock images are:

  • Advertising and Marketing: Advertising and Marketing are the common and most popular uses of stock photography. It is widely used in the international market, whereas many Nepalese companies regularly buy stock photos of Nepal from various international stock photography platforms such as Shutterstock and gettyimages and use it for various marketing purposes.

Commercials including TV and Web, Print Materials, Product Packaging, Video Films & Vlogs, Brochure & Catalogue are some of the common means of advertising and marketing.

  • Small and Business Houses: Stock Photography is a blessing for both small and big business houses. You can get the desired and high quality handpicked images that will perfectly fit for your business and brand promotion. Since we can see many Nepalese startup companies flourishing, stock images can be the perfect option to promote their company and brand online.

So, how can big and small companies get benefit from Neptos and stock photography?

Well, they can use stock images photos numerous purpose and numerous ways.

For instance: They can use Neptos images for Digital Marketing, social post and handle various social channels including Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. Likewise, they can use Neptos images to uplift their brand, make presentations and can even use it for physical marketing.

  • Promotional Materials: The beauty of stock images is you can use it in your own ways. Which means you have the power to use the same images in every possible way and modified it for your own benefits. Well, Nepalese designers are pretty good at it, while Neptos images can be a perfect choice if your brand is all about Nepal and you're looking forward to promotional materials.

Besides, you can use stock images in flyers, posters, Greeting cards and even use it to print postcards.

  • Editorial and Entertainments: If you are into editorial and entertainment things, then you can use the stock images of Nepal in every possible way.
  • Design and Decors

When it comes to design and decors, it's all about creativity and it's simply up to you. It all depends on you that how well you can use the single image.

Whether you are using it for Graphics design purpose or web design themes, stock images can perfectly fit and meet your requirement. Likewise, it can be the perfect choices for digital wallpapers and decors in home and office.

  • Personal use

Above all the uses of stock images, personal uses is another reason for the existence and widely use of stock images all around the world.

Posters, prints, reproduction, and arts are some of the personal uses of stock images.

Well, that was the uses of stock images, but how can we use the single images for multiple times? Let's figure out with some real examples.

Single images, multiple uses

We can see many startups coming up and making their outstanding presence. They are working all their hearts out and making a good impact on society and in the market. While growing, they have to take care of many things, and it's pretty hard to get sustain and win the market.

It's really hard to become an entrepreneur and pave the path of success. You have an esteem pressure to make your company brand looks awesome and cost-effective at the same time.

Whether you are part of small or big companies and looking forward to making a strong online presence, then stock images are for you.

With the help of stock photos, you can simply stay in the competition and with strong marketing techniques, you can even beat your competitors.

But how?

Well, it's simple you go to our website to try different searches and buy the photos that meet your desire and interest.

How can you use the single images for multiple times?

Let's look at these photos of one of our client.

This image was clicked by one of our contributor Rabin Lama and was purchased by one of our client, Camp Nepal. This image has been used as the banner image of their website.

Likewise, the image has been used as promotional material in their social channels i.e. Instagram & Facebook

Pic: Campnepal

It was indeed a perfect shot of Tilicho Lake.

Once you purchase the image, you can use it anywhere, it may include your website, blog post, banner images on your website or social media promotional activities.

Well, that's just a simple example of a single image and its multiple uses.

If you are creative enough, you can use the same image representing different industry and business.

Since the image reflects Travel, Travel companies can use this image as a very strong marketing material.

Most of the travelers want their journey to be remarkable and simply memorable. If travel & trek companies use this image with such promising text, then it may help them to receive more potential clients.

If this doesn't help you then how about trying with this.

The beauty of stock images is you can turn every piece of it in your favor.

We love to travel but we hardly care about all the waste that we carry along the journey. As a result, mountains are getting polluted day by day.

Post with such messages aware travelers about the waste, on the other hand, it will help to increase your brand value.

Since, the photo is all about lake and mountains, Travel & Trek companies can create good marketing and promotional materials from stock travel images like this.

Alike, Stock Images has the power to tell the image story differently. You just have to notice the details and ideas to make it on your favor.

That was for travel, how about using the same image for other industry.

Reference: Ncell Pvt. Ltd

Look at the picture and the text on it. This will be perfect for anyone working on telecommunication sector i.e. Ncell, NTC & Smart Cells.

The market is competitive and Nepal is on the verge of digitalization. The use of stock photos can help you to beat your competitor and stay ahead in the competition.

Reference: Worldlink Pvt. Ltd.

Did you feel something?

Well, it’s not the advertisement of Worldlink (one of the famous ISP provider of Nepal), but you may definitely feel the theme of it.

The idea of using their theme and the same picture again and again here is, that you can turn any stock images with cool caption into your company marketing materials.

The above two were of the telecommunication sector, however, the below images and theme is something different.

Reference: Khalti - Digital Wallet

The picture and the caption might be perfect for anyone who is working on a flexible payment system i.e. Khalti, E-sewa, and I-pay.

If you pay attention, you may know where I’m directing and relating this post with.

Reference: Tootle Today

Since you have the right to modified and alter the stock images, you can try a variety of things with the single images.

We believe that defines “Single image and multiple uses”.

Besides, it also justifies “Single image and millions of uses”. Though we haven’t gone for the millions, you definitely got the point.

Whether it’s for promoting your brand or making a strong online presence, Stock Images is the perfect and smart choice to uplift your company and brand value.

So, what are you waiting for?

Now, you know how to use the stock images according to your needs. Just visit Neptos, find a suitable image and start making a strong online presence.

Your clients are waiting for you, if you don't act, someone will.

Explore our bank of images and uplift your brand.


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